Life Skills and Empowerment Training

Y.E.S. Life Skills and Empowerment Training services are conducted monthly, where youth are engaged in practical life skills and in-depth group sessions designed to strengthen various life skills sets.  For example, the life skills includes life lessons in “best practices” and “lessons learned” in finance literacy and budgeting, preparing for job interviews, dress for success, health and wellness, and socialization transitioning into the work world to name a few.  Y.E.S. is dedicated to preparing youth for the real world. Each workshop has emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle to include physical fitness, emotional intelligence and managing time and much more. Time management teaches our young adults about setting timelines for daily activities such as: determining what they will wear for the next day the night before or how to set aside time for homework on a game night, etc.  Information, techniques and ideas from our esteemed partners who are professionals, entrepreneurs and organizational entity representatives who provide professional consultation services to young adults on a variety of life skills sets that are necessary to obtain and survive in the 21st century workforce labor market in America.

youth in a life skills workshop

Y.E.S. Empowerment training services consist of various seminars, specialized events and conference management platforms that are strategically planned and scheduled per our customer’s goals and objectives.


Y.E.S. Empowerment services help youth and adults become self-sufficient and productive members of society and the workplace.  The activities and services include the following: scheduled public speaking forums and participation in specialized training and workshops that are held with the goal to develop relationships within the organization, community and specialized careerists in various career occupations who discuss the importance of what it takes to be successful in that particular career and how to develop independent decision-making skills, engage in service learning opportunities, and learn self-determination and self-advocacy skills.  These specialized training events also focus on the active engagement and participation. Our focus areas of training and specialized events includes:


* Empowerment and Leadership Training
* Emotional Agility in the Workplace
* Diversity and Social Inclusion
* Public Speaking, Presentation and Communication Training
Y.E.S. Empowerment services are provided in group workshop settings via in person and virtually with Y.E.S. staff and career professionals as scheduled events to include weekends.
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