About Youth Empowers Service LLC

We provide programs and services that are not normally available to underprivileged youth by bridging the gap of opportunities via Engagement, Empowerment and Education with our STEM and STEAM programs.

Y.E.S. provides professional development and consultation services in Counseling and Management services in the core areas of Education and Career services, Entrepreneurship, Youth Apprenticeship, Life Skills and Wellness and Empowerment.  Y.E.S. has innovative approaches to increase workforce readiness for young adults to prepare for and successfully enter careers that will provide long term employment in growing industries and occupations within the State and local communities in Northern Virginia and beyond.

Y.E.S. is strategically designed to support young adults engagement while primarily focusing on underrepresented populations, in both in-school and out-of-school environments. The basic structure of the program is comprised of modular, interactive and engaging activities that focus on four core areas:   Education and Career Counseling, Life Skills and Wellness Development, Youth Apprenticeships and Empowerment Training.

Y.E.S. goal is to connect young adults to services that will assist them as they transition to the next phase in life with the ultimate goal of engaging in business and career paths that will provide for economic self-sufficiency.

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By investing in the young adults development and training, Y.E.S. attributes to building and sustaining a credentialed workforce to keep pace with industry’s demands for traditional and nontraditional occupational industries in the 21st century.


Y.E.S. leverages partnerships with local businesses, governments and organizations to build and fulfill the skills gap between youth and their career readiness.  Y.E.S. addresses:

  • Professional/Corporate World Preparation
  • Education Lifecycle Support (Pre and Post-Secondary)
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Focus
  • Individual Wellness and Transition into the Workplace
  • Emotional Agility in the Workplace
  • Work Ethic and Social Responsibility
  • Career Interests and Skill Development
  • Financial Management Stability
  • Community Contribution and Enhancement

Y.E.S. provides youth with the following services:

  • Education and Career Counseling
  • Career Skills Training and Preparation
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education Support
  • Employment Assistance and Counseling
  • Continuing Education Support
  • Resume Writing Workshops
  • Financial Literacy and Planning
  • Entrepreneurial Best Practices
  • Business Plan Development
  • Internship Opportunity Matching
  • On-The-Job Training

Y.E.S. Consultants are all experienced in career, employment, business and training development and include:

  • Local Business Professionals
  • Former and Current Federal Employees
  • Former and Current Military Service Members
  • Credentialed Life Coaches
  • Professional Academic Counselors and Higher Education Specialists
  • Specialized Occupational Professionals